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They should at least buy them a drink first

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And the Waltz Goes On - Anthony Hopkins 

Sir Anthony Hopkins Hears The Waltz He Wrote 50 Years Ago For The First Time

Academy Award-winning actor Sir Anthony Hopkins was a musician before he got into acting. 50 years ago he wrote a waltz but was too afraid to ever hear it play. Dutch violinist André Rieu performs it for the very first time. Watch Hopkins’ reaction.

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X-Factor Polaris by Sara Moni Cosplay

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Oh man good old fashioned 90s Polaris!

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Groot making it weird

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Awkward pack mate hug.



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two things:

my favorite part was loras’ sick burn towards jaime and kudos to them for not going with the obvious “lol loras u r gay u can’t make baby” in that conversation, but they don’t deserve any credit at all ever for how they handle gay characters fuck off.

I mean… the only two queers left on this show (minus ellaria), loras and oberyn made fuck me eyes at each other despite their families hating each other in a bad way because lol gay people are all hungry for the dik no matter what haaaaa here let’s watch renly wave his ass around while humping on the westerosi version of a blow up doll tyrell.

cool. fun. the writers all deserve seats in melisandre’s hell.

At this rate I really hope they just kill Loras off so I don’t have to see him being butchered and humiliated on the show.

But I did love that burn between him and Jamie. It was a flash of the Loras I know and love, and never get to see.

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this is the best photo ive ever seen

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They call him the Winter Soldier.