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Could it be your death
means nothing at all?

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Popeye in Costa Rica.

chris pine sends this photo to all his friends, so proud of himself for catching such a nice fish

karl urban sends this back

"fml" whispers chris pine as he sets his fish free and watches it disappear into the briny pitiless depths along with his dreams of homemade sushi for dinner

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Teen Wolf AU à la 10 Things I Hate About You: In which Isaac wants to date Cora, but she isn’t allowed to go out with anyone until her older brother Derek, who is well known in school for his less than stellar social skills and nonexistent interest in dating, has found someone as well. So they develop a plan to pay someone - Stiles Stilinski, to be precise - to take Derek out. None of them really expected it to work, and much less for Derek and Stiles to actually fall in love with each other…

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it was Ser Loras who shared most of his jests and confidences.

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I am going to make this short and sweet. I wanted to say that BiteCon was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had at a con. I’m so lucky that I got to become friend with the girls of thebiteconvention , who put in so much work and love into making an amazing convention. I can’t thank those girls enough for all the hard work they did. This also goes for all the volunteers who donated their time to make sure things went well. It was a labor of love, an it truly showed. Every one of the people involved should be proud of themselves.

I also want to thank them for allowing me to be the moderator of the Wolves vs Werewolves panel. David Mizajewski and the work he has done with the NWF was inspiring, and it was an honor to be on a panel with him and Jeff Davis. 

I can also say that I have loved wolves for years (it’s why I love werewolves so much), so getting to actually get licked and snuffled by a real live wolf was a dream come true. So I have to thank the girls again for that. It was an amazing experience and I hope I represented the con well in that. (A special shout out to heathyr for the amazing intro video she put together!) 

Also, to my friend tidepooling , you are an amazing creature, and I am so glad that you were able to raise so much money for LLS, and present it to TPose. 

I met so many amazing people, and had such a good time with everyone I met. I don’t even want to list out everyone for fear of missing someone, but know that if I talked to you, even for a minute or two, I loved it.

Can’t wait for year 2!!