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Guardians is finally out!! Her’e a fan art I made after the first trailer came out and melted my mind. 

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[ yield ] 

a spontaneous sketch completely based on this gif because it’s awesome and it fits them so well… plus I needed a distraction and a quick anatomy practice ;)

+ there’s a story to it as well - read it HERE / AO3 - by Dani

[ edit: nsfw pics have been moved to another blog ]

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Honestly, Batgirl, my Portuguese is a little rusty. I mighta called this kid a horse.

[Batman Eternal 18]

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Mickey + not caring about Ian at all (◡‿◡✿)

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I also realize I sound crazy when I refer to Finn Jones as “my fiance” but hey he started it by asking me to marry him first.

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send me a fandom and i’ll list my five favorite characters

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Polaris by Pop Mhan

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